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Hair today, gone tomorrow

This is Sue and I’m writing my first post, so here goes. . .

The chemo gods have not been nice to Bob this week, so I think some humor is in order. As everyone knows most of Bob’s humor has a basis in sarcasm, so I think we should continue with that theme. My proposal is to come up with all the advantages of losing one’s hair and specifically for Bob who has always been rather hair challenged. I’ll go first. .

Last night at dinner I told him that I was going to post a before chemo and an after chemo picture of him and see if anyone could tell the difference. My advantage for his hair loss would be NO ONE WILL NOTICE!!

Bobby, I love you but I didn’t marry you for your hair!

Are you getting my idea now? I know there are lots of better comments out there just waiting to be written, so let’s have them.

13 Responses to “Hair today, gone tomorrow”

  1. Terri Aprati Says:

    To my favorite brother-in-law, ex or not,

    I’m sorry that my dialogue with you and Sue has started after all of these years because of your illness, but I must admit, it’s good to hear your voice again. Yes, I can hear your voice.

    Sue’s email about hair has piqued my interest. This is a little personal, but prying minds need to know; do you lose hair EVERYWHERE?

    If so, cleaning the bathroom would be much, much easier!

    Love you,


  2. Bob Says:

    From what they say you do lose you hair everywhere. While that will be good as far as old man ear hair goes, I’m not sure about the rest. A friend of Sues that had chemo said you are as slick as a baby seal. Something to look forward to…….

  3. Terri Aprati Says:

    Well, I’m married to a bald man, so I don’t care much about hair. I do wish he would lose some of his other hair though. It’s messy. Oh, and old man nose hair? Totally disgusting.

    Sue could go to a costume store and get some fake fur and glue it on your chest. That would be pretty cool. You could go for chemo with fur sticking out of the front of your shirt and on your arms. Can you imagine the looks you would get? I think you should try it.



  4. Greg Thomas Says:

    What up Slick?

  5. Andrew Shaw Says:


    I was going to leave a message about the hair thing for ya Sue…..
    BUT….I think my mother’s comments have probably disturbed for life….
    Thanks mom…. sorry sue….. maybe next time…. Bob, I will say I saw the one picture of you with hair…. grandma has it …….I think you’re about 4…. looks much better now…… and good lick with being slick as a seal….. If you’re lucky maybe Sue will get ya a Slip N’ Slide for summer time and you can show up the neighborhood kids.
    Tons o’ Love…..

  6. Vicki Shawger Says:

    Slick as a seal . . . silk sheets . . .

  7. Sheryl S Says:

    All these slick as a baby seal comments are really giving me weird mental pictures.
    I like the fake fur idea. I’m just surprised it wasn’t Bob’s idea.

  8. Hank and Mary Beth Says:

    We were so suprised to hear the news about your recent diagnosis. We sure know about these kinds of surprises. We also know about miracles….we have had a number of those too. Of, course you are at the top of our prayer list.

    Hank has had a lot of experience with NO Hair…and yes you loose it everywhere..,,,,,except he didnt loose it all on his head… his head looks like puberty hair….a little here and there and whispy……too visual for me to continue writng about……

    I am so glad that you let us know about the news, even though it is not what we wanted to hear…..we will keep in touch and please call if you need to talk to either Hank or me. Love and prayers Mary Beth and Hank 314-270-3500 is our home number….I am not working either so we are around a lot……MB

  9. Bob Says:

    Thanks for your concern. I too was saddened to hear of Hank’s situation. It is amazing that things like this could happen to two of the nicest and sweetest guys on the planet. Stuff happens.

    I will give Hank and you a call. It is good to be able to talk to someone who reallys knows what you are going through and feeling. Kelly’s mother-in-law is suffering from the same fate as us. We talk often and run into each other when we are getting our chemo.

    Keep in touch.


  10. kelly Says:

    oh! i totally forgot that when hans’ dad lost his hair, he lost everything that *wasn’t* grey.

    so you should be fine ;)

  11. Bob Says:

    Such a sweet daughter you are………..

  12. Debbie M Says:

    “Hair today, gone tomorrow….” I know, groaannnnnn, but I couldn’t resist!

  13. Bob Cradit Says:

    Oh not not all three, i do have a piture of you with all three intact. sorry I couldn’t resist. I do want you and Sue to know you guys are in mine and Debi’s prayers. Bob

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