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Off Week is Good

Just got home from having my blood drawn for this weeks labs.  I finally am feeling about normal from last weeks chemo.  It really knocked me down.  Sue will be glad for a little break as well.  I can’t tell you how much of a help she has been….

With that said, I am really surprised with the number or responses there have been to this blog.  Not because you are not all good people, but because I figured most of you were “blog challanged”.  I was (am) but as most of you, have an offspring that can walk me through the thing.  I also was unaware that I had so many friends that are aspiring commedians……..


9 Responses to “Off Week is Good”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    So I see you added a photo to the top of your webpage. Pretty sophisticated. Now why a mountain instead of a sandy beach?

  2. Bob Says:

    Mountains? Are you OK Debbie?

  3. Jane Hudson Says:

    Now the next thing is that Debbie will call me and ask me to come out and hike in the mountains in the morning instead of walking on the beach! Do you not know the difference?????

  4. David Shaw Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Nice Page. Now you have something to look at in between hands of online poker. I hope you are feeling good and stuff. Like Sue said though I wouldn’t worry about losing your hair. I love you and will see you soon.


  5. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    Hey, Skip!
    About the aspiring comedian comment that you made…we have lots of material to work with!
    I do like the new picture on your blog of a warm place…winter is not my friend anymore. I used to think that snow days were cool and now all I worry about is breaking a hip!
    Hope your week is good…keep us all posted. Thinking about you both,
    Mary Anne

  6. Stephanie Schultz Says:

    Hi Bob,
    Your blog is very neat — I’m feeling so cool just interacting here, but the BEST part is i can now officially tell my kids that I was blogging today…

    I also just recently learned to text, so you can see there’s just no end to my techno capabilities. Tim text-messaged me a few weeks ago and i didnt stop muddling through all my phone options till i figured out how to text him back! Once I crossed that initial hurdle, I text(ed) myself silly all day one friday, using punctuation and everything!!!

    I was so touched by Sue’s informing us of your cancer; at first was overwhelmed with the emotion of it, then just started thinking and thinking of all our history together. Afterall, Sue and I were roommates when she first thought she might be in love with you (before YOU even knew). And so I had to hear all the details of what a great kisser you were! Not too boring at first… but she would just go on and on!!!!!! And coincidentally, I was dating a Bob too and you both had some little tiny bit of asshole qualities about you, so it made for much commonality.

    So strange that just after getting Sue’s email last week I happened upon a picture of you while sorting through the last 30 years of family pictures I had decided to organize. The pic of you was at the Lake of the Ozarks of course, and it was a big close-up of your face (no other body parts showing) so I’m not sure if it was the weekend I almost killed you on the tube, or one of the weekends you almost killed yourself drinking, or one of the weekends after you quit drinking OR WHAT!!!!

    But one thing for sure, that picture made me think of a particular weekend when all 8 of us couples were there, AND IT WAS NOT A WEEKEND AFTER YOU QUIT DRINKING, BECAUSE YOU NEVER QUIT DRINKING FROM THE VERY MINUTE YOU GOT THERE THIS PARTICULAR WEEKEND!!!!

    We had all had a very exhausting day on the water, skiing and such (and these days could be quite long, especially if all 8 of us girls decided to get up TOGETHER skiing behind our boat. Actually, it wasnt usually all 8 of us, as Sue would often help my bob organize and categorize and unravel ropes to throw to us. You were usually in the boat too, telling Sue how to do the ropes. She also had to throw beers and other beverages as we got thirsty out there in the hot sun. You helped her do that too, as you usually already had your head in the cooler. Anyway, after this particularly exhausting day, we went back to our rooms, got cleaned up and headed to Shooters for dinner. This was about 10 pm. You were sitting next to me at a large outdoor table that held all 16 of us, and you were chatting away when I noticed you getting shorter and shorter and I had to look waaaay down to see you. You just kept talking and refused to comment about the fact that your chair legs were bending down ever so slowly till you were almost sitting on the ground. Only YOU would pretend like nothing was happening, which made it so damn funny.

    Next week I’ll jog my memory some more to chat with you about MY recollection of the details surrounding your unfortunate episode on the tube. Love, Steph

    PS: It was incredibly good to see you and Sue last spring at Mrs. Fletchers funeral.

  7. Bob Says:

    Thanks Mary Anne. Yes, there is a lot of material to work with. That is what helps Sue and I deal with this. Some of it going all the way back to High School, per my friends Greg and Steve. A little more recently with Stephanie’s post following yours.

    Stephanie, thank you too. I remember the “chair” incident. Sue has always said that I played that perfectly. Don’t know about that, but it was funny. We really had some good times at the lake. It still amazes me how our activities changed through the years. Early on, getting up early, skiing and tubeing all day, making fun of all the old folks on their pontoons and in their houseboats. Later on, maybe getting on the water by noon or 1pm IN a houseboat, making fun of all the young idiots skiing and tubeing, beating theirselves up in ski boats……..

    It is really great hearing from all of you. Remembering the good times is what is helping me deal with this and realize what a truely great life I have had. Couldn’t ask for much more or better friends.

  8. Chuck Says:

    Soooo…. It’s back to the “OFFICE” tomorrow — Good Luck!!!!!!!

  9. Christopher G. Says:


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