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Back to Work

I am starting to feel pretty good as it has been 10 days since my last chemo treatement.  I am going to try and go to work tomorrow and see how I do.  For those of you that don’t know what my job is, I play poker at Ameristar every Tuesday and Thursday.  I have treatments the next two Fridays and am pretty sure I’ll miss the next two weeks.

 Feb 1st all of the things written in January will be automatically moved to the “archive” section of the blog.  They will still be viewable, but you will have to go there to see them. 

 That’s all for now.  Your comments have been great and I really enjoy reading them.  Not sure how much of this my mother should be seeing.

Love ya all,  b

I wish there was a spell check for my posts……….

22 Responses to “Back to Work”

  1. kelly Says:

    you know, macs do this clever little thing where they spell check virtually everything you type no matter where it is. posts, instant messages, notepad.

  2. Chuck Says:

    Techno speak???? Sounds like Brian since he bought his Mac…
    Spellcheck = dictionary…..
    Posts = take letter with 39 cent stamp to post office….
    Instant message = yelling upstairs from the cave…..
    Notepad = spiral, with blue lines, and requires pencil to post record of
    instant messages yelled from cave….

    Good luck at the “Office” (casino techno speak) —– Chuck (hee hee)

  3. Bob Schultz Says:


    I have navigated webmd to understand what your illness is and what the levels mean, etc. What I have figured out is that when you get sick you don’t fool around. As Herbie always says ” Anything worth doing is worth overdoing”. If we were all playing golf together I guess you want more strokes?

    Sounds like you have a battle in front of you, but from the comments I have read on your blog (I never thought I would say that word- blog) you’re mentally prepared for the fight. I have a friend who has been fighting stomach cancer with a shitty prognosis for almost a year. I am always amazed at how he has come to grips with this and continues to make the best of it that he can. He always says that the support of his family and friends makes a big difference. You have plenty of that.

    Keep in touch and I will too.


  4. Deb in Dallas Says:

    Win BIG….. Then you can buy an assortment of hair to wear…

  5. Bob Says:

    Thanks Bob. If were were playing golf I would need many, many more strokes. Our scores weren’t even close before all of this. I haven’t played in almost two years because of Arthur.

    My docs warned me about looking up panceatic concer on the web. He said things on the web are usually 1-3 years old and all I would do is remember all the BAD things. I told him it was too late and he was right about the bad things.

    I am mentally prepared for the fight. but I am not doing quite as well when it comes to the probable outcome. I do plan to keep on keeping on as long as I can. Your friend is right. Support makes a big difference.


  6. Bob Says:

    Thanks Deb. Another wanna be comic heard from……..

  7. KAREN Says:

    Where am I??? Blog what. First try for someone who would really, really, rather talk on the telephone. Hi Bob, I hope you had a successful workday yesterday. Make hay while the sunshines, I heard that somewhere. I’m so glad you’re feeling more like yourself. Knowing that I go on line about once a week,- maybe,- I will continue to use the old tele. for my more up to date communications. Talk to you later. Love & Prayers, Karen V.

  8. Hank and Mary Beth Says:

    Bob, Stephanie talks alot even when it is in print….I dont know why everyone says that I talk a lot.

    I was laughing so hard I was crying reading Stephs story about the night at Shooters. I remember leaning over and asking Hank what was happening to you, as you kept getting shorter….and of course, in his loving way, he told me to shut-up and dont ask any questions. I still remember lauging so hard I was wetting my pants..(nothing new, still do!), What was so interesting about the chair incident, was that other people in the restaurant saw what was happening and the people at our table didnt1 I am still laughing.

    Hope you beat them up real bad opn the boat…Clean them out so you have plenty of stash for the next trip.

    You are in our prayers daily and in mine more often because my mind is always wandering off somewhere and I think about people that need my prayers a lot….wandering minds are good for something I guess.
    Yep we had lots of good times together and also,I never heard about the “Good Kisser” story. Your mom will be proud.

    Keep winning in all you do Love MB and Hank

  9. Bob Says:

    Yes, the story is funny. Didn’t know about the wetting the pants part. Possibly TMI as the kids would say.(Too Much Information)

    After reading Stephanie’s story about the “good kisser”, Sue is not sure that I was the person she was talking about. We’ll just pretend that it was me……..

  10. Karen Parsons (Spillman) Says:

    I haven’t said “I’m a virgin” in a long…………time. I’m a virgin blogger!! I’ve never seen a blog, much less attempted to get into one. Not sure this will even go anywhere. I just “subscribed” on your home page and assume that will create some action somewhere. OK, now I’ve used the words ‘virgin’ and ‘action’ in a tell-all blog. Sue knows I’m challenged when it comes to technology so I’m hoping for the best! Speaking of hoping for the best…….you go get ‘em kiddo! My friend Harry Kepsel battled the nasty stomach c and won and always said the battle was easier with love and concern from others. You’ve got all I can send you. I’ll send my happy memories later of your smoke filled Dallas living room watching the Super Bowl! I’ve got pictures of that day I’m going to search for and post! Take care and send Texas Hold-em advice!
    Karen P.

  11. Stephanie Schultz Says:

    Hi Bob,
    About our history at the lake, you mentioned that our activity levels changed over the years, from all-day skiiing to shorter length boating excursions. Well, you havent been with us in recent years so dont know of our latest routines. We stay in VERY nice houses now (not the cabins with bugs of the past) and we like these houses so much, sometimes we dont even go outside. We eat a little earlier than we used to, like dinners at 8 pm and usually go to bed around 10pm. Unfortunately, we dont get any more sleep this way than in the old days when we went to bed at 3 am, as most of us girls have insomnia.

    I was thinking about that one particular weekend that we had numerous injuries, including your incident that I like to call “tube-in-flight”. Remember, Gene Grindler had a cracked rib, and Barrett cracked his rib too, i think (although he didnt go to the doctor until he got home) — anyway, while my Bob and some of the others were taking Gene to the hospital, I was the designated boat driver and you wanted to go tubing so of course I was nice enough to take you, and we were going kind of fast as you kept giving me the “go-fast” sign (sticking your thumb up) and I wanted to be nice and do what you wanted, so then I noticed that we were coming to the end of the cove so I had to make a turn WHILE I was going fast, and that was the whole problem right there — going fast while making a turn. Anyway I told the girls in the boat (unfortunately, Sue was one of them and had to witness the whole “tube-in-flight” thing) to signal to you that I was going to turn, and they did and I dont know if you werent looking or what, but you kept right on smiling and I began to realize that your tube wasnt going to turn the way the rest of us and the boat were turning; in fact, your tube was going straight for the rocky shore, and I guess you didnt notice this, because you just kept hanging on and wouldnt let go, so thats when the tube took off and you began to fly.

    We all know what happened after that. I know I apologized to you already, but I dont know if I properly apologized to Sue for the whole unfortunate fainting incident that followed, so Sue, I really was sorry. But, did anyone realize that soon after I got stung by a damn bee. That really hurt!

    Bob - hope you have a good week. I enjoy blogging here, its giving me some nice memories. Love to you and Sue. Steph

    PS: DA BEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    I don’t want this to turn into the “This Is Your Life” blog but, since it is Super Bowl weekend…do you remember when you were a Broncos fan and you came to our Super Bowl party in those tight orange shorts and jersey?! It was about 12˚ outside but you wanted to be dressed like a fan. I don’t even remember the outcome of the game, just that outfit you had on! Orange was never your color.
    Enjoy the game…hope you have some money on the Bears!
    Brent and I are thinking of you all…take care of each other,
    Mary Anne

  13. kelly Says:

    do you remember when you were a Broncos fan and you came to our Super Bowl party in those tight orange shorts and jersey?!

    he still does, regardless of who’s playing that year. we bought him a new jersey when the broncos updated their look, but he prefers that same (now very *very* worn) orange jersey ;)

  14. kelly Says:

    although, to be fair, i haven’t seen the shorts in quite a while.

  15. Terry Tremaine Says:

    Hi Bob, its been years. I actually thought you were still in Texas. Time flies. Greg was kind enough to give me a call and update on things. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know its tough but you are a tough guy and can fight like the best of them. Keep positive thoughts. I emailed Bob your blog site so you should be hearing from him as well. Hugs Terry

  16. Brad in Fort Worth Says:


    All I know is I want your Job! Granted I have never won but the more I drink when I am at the boats the more I spend.. Hmmm, no wonder why I am always broke… Speaking of Super Bowls, I have still not found anyone that can throw a Super Bowl party like Sue and you.. Lord I always had a great time even though my Cowboys never seemed to be in the big game. Speaking of my Boys, All I can say is Tony Romo is “DA MAN”. Granted except for that very small mishap that happened with not being able to hang on to that VERY SLICK NEW FOOTBALL! But, hey we will simply move forward and wait for T.O. to do something ELSE stupid and then all the attention will be on him.

    I am glad to here that you are feeling better and but understand once the treatments start up again that it is tough on your body… Hey, just think of something fun like swimming.. Oh, I forgot that Sue moved you away from your pool…. Hmmm that is a shame, I now live on the 7th hole of the WoodHaven country club in Fort Worth. YEs, I am an ass, but when have I ever not given you a hard time.. I honestly do have a pool, but I do not play golf. However, I have found many golf balls flying in the backyard while I am in the pool… I will be thinking of you~!! :)

    Take care Mr. and we will chat soon!

    Love ya! Brad

  17. Jennifer Hudson Says:

    Well, I’d rather be going to your “work” than mine! Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  18. Bob Says:

    Terry T.

    Nice hearing from you. It has been years. We left Flower Mound (TX) almost 6 years ago. We are now in St. Charles, MO. Thanks for your support. I am going to give it Hell as long as I can.


    Super Bowls were fun. Need to get my “Bronco” clothes ready for Sunday. Yes, I will be wearing my Elway jersey. Don’t know how much of party it will be, just the two of us. Chemo this Friday so I am sure I’ll be under the weather and more than likely nap during most of the game.
    Too bad I am not playing golf anymore. We could try and work out a price for used golf balls.

  19. Sharon Fritz Says:


    Just checking to see how you did at work Tuesday. Did you go today also?
    How are the “envelopes” doing in the desk —are they full?
    I am really learning alot about you from your friends. So far nothing has surprised me. You are truly blessed to have so many people who care about you. I have put you and Sue at the top of my prayer list—thats a good thing because sometimes I fall asleep before I get to the end. I will be thinking about you as you start the chemo again.
    Love you

  20. Sheila Thomas James Says:


    This is probably the last person you would ever think of hearing from. Yes…this is Greg’s little sister. The one who still does not know everything (and is afraid to know)… you two accomplished together during the more creative years of your lives. It does blow my mind how the years have passed. Like Will..I am in the double nickel area. I just wanted you to know that even the other old people care about you and are praying for you.


  21. Bob Says:


    Greg and I did have some pretty wild times together. Not too many that should be discussed here.

    I had forgotten that you and Will were in the same class.

    Thanks for your comment and support. It has been a long time.


  22. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    Dear Skip,
    Happy Ground Hog’s Day! Hope that little varmit doesn’t see his shadow today…I couldn’t be more tired of this cold weather.

    Just wanted to let you know that Brent and I are thinking about you today as you have another Chemo treatment. You are doing the right thing by fighting this with all of the strength that you have.

    Love to you and Sue,
    Mary Anne

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