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Take 3

Well this is the week that Bob doesn’t have chemo, so its suppose to be a “good” week. We saw the doctor yesterday and basically just tried to set up appointments for the CT and doctor follow up and blood tests. I say tried because the computers were down all day at St. Luke’s radiology department, hard to believe but true! Bob will call on Monday to schedue an appointment and then we really start Round 3. Obvoiusly we are very anxious to see if the chemo worked and what the next course of action will be. More on that later. . .

On a very sad note, our friend Hank Hopfinger died this morning. I’m not exactly sure of Hanks age but I would put him at 60 or 61 since he went to school with my brother Rick. Hank had been battling pulminary fibrosis for 4 years and unfortunately he lost the fight. After Bob was diagnosed he talked to Hank and Mary Beth. They were two people who we could identify with. Mary Beth has also commented on this blog several times. Bob and I were going to stop by and see them, but we didn’t. I guess we thought we had lots of time. How I wish we had made the time. Our love and prayers go out to all of Hank’s family and especially to Mary Beth and her sons.

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  1. robert tremaine Says:

    Hey, hope you get back to the poker table soon so you will have enough money to buy the beer when I come up in the next few weeks.
    I will call you when I get in town, OK.
    I sure hope you start feeling better soon Bobby and my thoughts are with you.
    Hang tight, and everything will work out for you.
    Bob Tremaine

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