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Just a quick post.  I have a CT schedueled for Wednesday at 1:30p and Dr. appointment and chemo Friday at 9:00a.  Don’t know if I will find out results of CT until Dr. appointment.  Sue or I will post results when we get them.


11 Responses to “UPDATE 2-19”

  1. Jane Says:

    Bob –

    Sure glad that the hospital computers were up today and that they didn’t take today as a holiday! It’s good to finally get the CT scheduled. I know both you and Sue are anxious for that. Thanks for the quick posting. We’ll be thinking of you this week……and probably chat with you once or twice!!!!!


  2. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    We will be thinking of you this week and praying for positive results.
    Love to you both,
    Mary Anne

  3. DIANA Says:

    Sorry for calling you Bobbie but thats what you are to me. I’m keeping up with all your results. I’m praying this week will be good. I’m so glad for all the technology, where would we be without it. I’m always calling Monty or Katie my grand-daughter and saying what do I push now. We will be thinking about you all week.

    Love Ya

  4. Debbie M Says:

    Bob, Thanks for keeping us posted. I check every day to see what’s up with you–you are out-of-sight but never out-of-mind (I’m the one who’s out of her mind). Enjoy the little bit warmer weather!

  5. Pat Hornburg Says:

    Hey Bob,

    It was so great to see you and Sue yesterday. You’re looking good and it seems like your head is in the right place. Now that I am in a sober state I think I will keep you from having to trash my comments and just tell you that I love you and am praying for you. Good luck today with the CT - I know you are anxious for good results. Tell Sue to give me a call. I would love to do lunch with her.

    Love to you both

  6. Bob Says:

    It was great seeing you and the rest of the group. Way too bad we were all together for the reason we were. Support really helps at times like these as I am sure Mary Beth will agree with.


  7. Regina Stiehr Says:

    Bob & Sue
    Thinking about you two this afternoon. Hope you receive good news from the doctors.
    Take Care

  8. robert tremaine Says:

    Bob, i am sure the next treatment will do the trick. Hang tight and I can ensure you everything will be ok. I will try to be in Belleville by the end of March, so be ready to go out with Greg and I for a few cold one’s, Ok
    Thinking of you my friend.
    See ya later.
    Bob Tremaine

  9. Bob Says:

    bobby t
    It would be great to see you when you come to town. Greg has all my numbers. As far as going out for a few cold ones, I will have to pass. We will figure a way to get together.

    see ya, bob

  10. Mary Beth Says:

    Bob and Sue…..I am sorry that the scans were not what you were hoping for but dont give up. We never know what treatment will work when….

    I was so glad you were able to spend time with all of us on Tuesday afternoon. The reason for getting together wasn’t good but as you are welll aware….no matter the circumstances we still havea good time and laugh a lot….and that is very good.

    Peace and healing in your mind, heart and soul and of course your body is my prayer for you.

    Sue, please give me a call when yiu want to get together and we can visit. As you know, I am pretty free right now. I amavailable anytime day or night if yu just want to talk. 314-270-3500

    God bless and heal you Mary Beth

  11. Sue Says:

    Mary Beth,
    Thanks for the nice note. You are truly an inspiration, grace under fire. I will give you a call and we can get together soon. I’m thinkin’ a bottle of wine may be appropriate also.

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