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Just playing around to see if I can add a picture. Getting a tutorial from Kelly. We have also changed the set up to only show the last 5 posts and comments.  Previous posts and comments are to the right under archives.


6 Responses to “Picture”

  1. Bob Says:

    What a handsome guy.

  2. Ellen Painter Says:

    You look mahhhhhvelous!! Great job posting the picture. I’m so proud of my techie friends.

  3. Jane Says:

    and what a great view!!!!

  4. Sue Says:

    Wow - some picture. I didn’t realize the Missouri River was so wide near St Charles.
    Happy to see you and Sue on Tuesday - not happy why.

    Anything that starts with a “B” has to be a good thing - especialy a Plan.

    It’s like Bob Schultz always says - If you ain’t Bob, you ain’t shit ( and if you are Bob ….)

    Bob B

  5. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    I forgot to ask what event you were in that year in the Senior Olympics? What else could account for that outfit?!
    Just curious,

  6. Bonnie Luttbeg Says:

    Bob, the view almost rivals mine of our backyard. Hope you & Sue can come visit, but it’s better if it is a tad warmer and we can sit outside and watch the ducks and have a drink or two, I’ll keep an eye on the weather reports. I know Hank & MB were over one night last March when we had an unusual warm couple of days. Saw MB yesterday and she’s doing great. Hope to see you soon. Sue, I’m part-time at work, I don’t work Tuesdays or Fridays, so lunch sometime would be nice

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