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Plan “B” in motion……..

Today I had the port installed and now have a “fanny pack” that I wear all the time that has a weeks worth of chemo.  Sue and I had to be at the Hospital at 7:00 for the procedure.  Wow, there sure are a lot of people on the road at that time of the day.  Wonder where they were all going.  Anyway…………….

I have to go in weekly to get a refill of the chemo.  Plan is 3 weeks on chemo and one off.  We will do this twice and then get another CT to see how much effect the new drug is having on the tumors.  Off weeks will be March 20 and April 17.   I also will get a shot every two weeks to help in red blood cell production.  The shot and the fact I am getting a constant, but slower dose of chemo should help considerably in how I feel.  Lets hope so, and hope that this drug does some good.

 All of your concerns and well wishes are greatly appreciated.  I have said this before, but it makes the entire process much more tollerable.  Thanks to all of you……


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  1. Sue Says:

    Now the REAL story. . .

    Yes we did get up at some ungodly hour and yes we were actually in traffic but I still remember rush hour and this was nothing like it.

    The surgery to put in the port went well, even though the doctor said Bob tried to sit up during it and they had to push the boy down. I guess he wasn’t as out of it as they thought! He had been told to eat after the surgery and before chemo so the recovery room nurses were fetching him food and drink for about an hour and a half, coffee, soda, fruit, crackers, cookies, sandwiches etc. I will play “beck and call girl” only for today as per hospital instructions, not for the next two weeks like Bob wants.

    From surgery we went (Bob in wheel chair making jokes with the nurse who was pushing and laughing at him) to the oncologist’s office to get the infamous “fanny pack”. Now this is a 8″X4″X2″ machine that is in a black case and he can wear it on his fanny, his belly or over his shoulder. I’m not even going to tell you the comments he made on this, just use your imagination. It has a long piece of tubing attached at the port site (upper chest) and at the machine. It has batteries and will beep when he does something wrong or it needs baatteries. He can’t get it wet either at the port site or the machine, he can’t take it off, or unplug it. I guess the good news is he can’t take a shower until Thursday so we have some time to rig up something. Let’s just hope he doesn’t hang himself or me at night in bed.

    Now a little known fact to some people is that Bob gives machines human qualities and then give them names. For example the cleaner we had for our pool in Texas he named Gertrude, why? I have no idea, his GPS system is GAR. you get the picture. If anyone has a good idea what to name his new machine, his new constant companion, I’m sure he would appreciate hearing them. Bear in mind that the common name for the chemo pumping through it is 5 FU.

    One last thing, then I’m out of here. . . When the nurse practitioner was going over the side effects of the new drug (and there are some new ones that may be challenging) one of the ones she was mentioning was hair loss. The conversation went like this. . Debbie (NP): a common effect is . . . oh I see you have already lost all your hair. Bob: No I haven’t. Debbie: Oh, I’m so sorry, I forgot we had this conversation before. Bob (eyebrow raised) Yesssssss. Debbie: well in about 3 weeks it probably will all be gone. Bob: Great, let’s move on to another side effect.

    Bottom line: He did good today and it is the beginning of Plan B so stay tuned. Keep the comments and prayers coming his way.


  2. Sharon Fritz Says:

    I know it is good to have today behind you. You both were on my mind all day. I am sure Bob you are a refreshing pain in the ass to the nurses. Keep up the sense of humor —thats one of the reasons we love you.

    Love you both

  3. Debbie M Says:

    How about my “chemo sabe”? With my apologies to the Lone Ranger…..

  4. Bob Says:

    Excellent Debbie. Don’t think there is much chance of anything topping “Chemo Sabe”.

  5. Jen Says:

    i’m glad to hear everything went well. and if I can add in a possible name: how about “tinish duba”- it means “little pumpkin”, my new amharic word ;)

    thinking about you both-

    Much Love from the District,


  6. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    Dear Bob and Sue,
    How is it that I am laughing about someone getting a port installed and a fanny pack that contains poison?! That’s our Bob…always able to find something funny in every situation.
    I am glad for you both that yesterday is over. Plan B sounds like a good one and I am sure it feels good to get started.
    I don’t think that I can top Chemo Sabe…very creative name for the fanny pack! Wish I had thought of it.
    As always, Brent and I are keeping you close in our hearts. Every thought is positive and every prayer is for success.
    Love to you both,
    Mary Anne

  7. Stephanie Schultz Says:

    Hi Bob and Sue,
    Thank you both for the quick update on your implant surgery Bob — I continue to check and re-check http://www.skippyhawk daily as Bob and I are thinking about you all the time. I’m so very glad the procedure went smoothly for you and that you continue to annoy your nurses who seem to find you as loveable as we all do.
    Our parish church is in the midst of a mission (retreat sort of) week which is the perfect time to pray for you. Hope your week continues to go well. Love, Stephanie

  8. Bonnie Luttbeg Says:

    A bow to the person who came up with “Chemo Sabe”. Ditto MA & Steph as to prayers & good wishes, hang in there.

  9. Sue Says:

    A quick note about the names,
    I’m so glad the right side of your brain is working, since its tax season and you tend to like the stuff on the left side, its good to know you are still balanced. Chemo sabe will be hard to top.

    Jen (wonderful niece, daughter of Paul for those who do not know her),
    Your suggestion is very creative also. My only question is. . what language and from what country is that and would your uncle get knifed if he used it out in public?

    Kelly, (daughter of Bob, who named her 1st car “Brown and Browner”) no comments or suggestions????

  10. Debbie M Says:

    All I can say is that I love words so both sides of my brain must work on phonetic spellings. I came up with this phrase when my friend, Milda, was having chemo at this same time last year. It just stuck in my brain! Good news…we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of her bone marrow transplant on Saturday!

  11. Mary Beth Says:

    Glad to hear all went well with the port surgery.

    You are always on my mind… the singing starts……!

    We called Hank’s oxygen that he carried over his shoulder his “Purse” not too original but it did catch people in the grocery store off guard….We always referred to his oxygen tank as his “Juice Box”. I dont think that we will top Chemo Sabe though.

    I am doing fine and praying for your recovery and healing. Dont forget the”Big Guy” is hearing your prayers and will intercede for you…..just ask him.

    Sue you are right……..these men have to do for themselves a little so they dont get lazy……they need some exercise even if its just a little bit.

    I am checking this BLOG thing often…….I hope you are getting all the messages Love to both of you and of course the prayers dont stop. MB

  12. Terri Aprati Says:

    If his pack is Chemo Sabe, Bob can be Chemo Bobby.

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