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Ding Ding - Round 2 - Take 2

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Its Friday we must be in the chemo lab. . .

Good news. The shot on Monday must have worked, Bob’s white blood cell count is very high, which is very good. Red cells are down some but not significantly. Another good news, he felt pretty good today so let’s drip some poison into him! (bad news). Not too much to report. Still on target to get a cat scan after this round. Those results will tell if the chemo is working, so use your prayers, mojo, whatever to have those results show “no new growth”.

If, big if, everything is still on track and he feels good we are going to go to Florida around the 17th. We would really like to use the condo we are paying for, plus its cold here! If not, the Gulf of Mexico isn’t going anywhere, so we can go later. So those of you who are or will be in Florida around that time, be prepared. If I remember the schedule is: cocktails at 4, sunset at 5, seafood dinner at 6 and bed at 9.

You meet the nicest people in the chemo lab. Nancy and Alan Stephenson (for those who don’t know we are in-laws together) were there for Nancy’s chemo treatment. She is a remarkable woman who is fighting colon cancer very hard for a very long time. She is truly an inspiration. Its hard to complain that it takes 2 hours for Bob when Nancy is there for 4, 5 or 6 hours. But its good to see them even if the circumstances are less than ideal.

OK, that’s it from here. Remember comments are always welcome!


p.s. And a personal thanks to all who are meeting me for lunch. You all know how much I love to “do lunch”. It truly keeps me sane.
- Regina, I commented on the “ding ding round 2″ about your comment on the infamous bee sting.

Just a normal day

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

I know this is Bob’s blog but I feel I must comment. Most people know that I can be a bitch, even I feel that making Bob continue to be the “wash boy” is probably pushing things. I just want everyone to know that its after 7 pm and I am still doing the wash. Now for 26 out of 34 years of marriage I did the wash, but for the last 8 years that became Bob’s job, hence the “wash boy” title. I either have selective memory or have forgotten all I ever new. I would have been done hours ago if I had remembered to start the dryer, not on one load but twice. Put that with the chili incident of a couple of months ago and Kelly probably needs to worry more about me than Bob. (For those who don’t know the “chili” incident, its really ugly!!)

bottom line. . . . I need my “wash boy” back!

If I did this right, I have attached a picture of Bob last year at this time. This is where we should be instead of the frigid north. If I didn’t do this right, the last comment makes no sense. Click on the titles below. Just a warning, the pictures are really BIG! I’m still learning with the help of my wonderful son-in-law.


Ding Ding ………..Round Two

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

 Today I started round two  of chemo treatments.  Two weeks on, one week off again.  I also have to go back to the Dr. on Monday to get a shot to help my bone marrow produce more white blood cells.  Evidently from the lab reports of the last two weeks my white count got the crap knocked out of it due to the chemo.  That is one of the reasons I felt so bad, as well as opening myself up to infections.  My next off Friday will be the 16th of Feb.  The week of the 19th I will get another CT to see how well we are doing at slowing this thing down.  Looks like going to Florida that off week is not going to happen.

I am hearing from people that I haven’t heard from in years.  It makes me realize that even though people may not keep in touch as much as everyone might like,  they are still your friends and care about you.  Thank you to everyone that has left messages.  They really mean a lot to me and are very helpful with this struggle.  I truely mean that with all my heart.  I will try and make a response to your comments when able, but may not  be able to at times.   

 If anyone wants to e-mail Sue or myself and not comment on the blog for some reason, that is fine.  E-mail me at or Sue is

 It is because of the responses to this blog and the friends that I have that I feel like I am a very lucky guy.  You are great people.  I love you all.


aka Skip, Skippy et al