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Pink Toes

I never thought I would be happy to say that Bob has pink toes.

If toes are pink and warm then the blood is flowing. Flowing is good, stopping is bad! In fact, the blood thinners are working so well that tonight they had to stop pumping them into Bob for awhile because his blood was getting too thin! If its not one thing its another.

(Mary Ann (Cutelli) and Bonnie can back me up on this.) This afternoon the doctor said that if all goes well and this particular blood thinner works then he could move on to the a step-down one that is given by injection twice a day.

“And as soon as Sue learns how to give the shots, Bob could go home!!!”

If we have to wait for me to learn how to give shots, Bob won’t be seeing his big screen for a long time. The good news is that Bob has on 2 previous occasions, given himself shots so he can step in and do it and I don’t have to be involved.

We are not out of the woods yet, but there is a 50/50 chance that Bob will be coming home tomorrow evening (Wednesday). This would be very good.

Now a note about ol’ chemo sabe. . . . right now chemo sabe is staying off. If Bob hadn’t had this blood clot thing he would have gotten chemo sabe back today for the second round. Per the oncologist, chemo therapy is being put on the back burner for the time being.

Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts, comments, cookies/candies etc. and visits. Both Bob and I really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.


4 Responses to “Pink Toes”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    Glad to hear the good news. I know how the ups and downs go but the ups are all good. Bob will be much happier when he gets home. The injections arent bad……Sherry and I have become pros at giving ourselves injections…..Sherry really isnt a needle person either but you do what you have to do and we know you can bite the bullet.

    I will be checking in with you but I enjoy reading this thing, whatever we call it. Call if you need anything. MB

  2. Dianne Moulin Says:

    So glad to hear things are on the up turn. I am sure Bob will be so happy to return home; that he could care less whether he has to give himself a shot. Mike had to do this for himself when he had hip replacement. I, like you, had no stomach for it.

    Take care, Dianne

  3. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    Poor Bob! Now he has to rely on Sue to give him shots!!? I remember several fainting spells over the years that had to do with needles! But I know that Sue has it in her to do whatever it takes…or teach the dog how to do it.
    Really good news today…keep those toes pink and your wonderful sense of humor.
    Love to you both,
    Mary Anne

  4. Jack Says:

    A lot has happened since we saw you on Friday. Talk about ups and downs. I know that Carole and both of you have been talking, but I just wanted you to know how great it was to spend time with both of you last week. We got home about Noon on Monday.

    I put something up on my blog today entitled, “Brother Bob.” Hope you enjoy it (

    We love you,


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