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Not home yet

Well the boy didn’t make it home tonight but it looks good for tomorrow. The foot is not staying as pink as it should be so the doctors want to monitor him another day. They did say that when they do release him, he won’t have any restrictions. I thinking he will be back to work next week.

Kelly, Ryan and I are going to move his computer to the living room so he doesn’t have to go down to the cave. That may save some wear and tear on the legs. He has lots of blog messages to check out when he gets home. I’m sure he will enjoy all of the comments, maybe not so much my posts, but that’s what he gets when he leaves me in charge.

Hopefully the next entry will be from Bob.


8 Responses to “Not home yet”

  1. Ginger Shaw Says:

    Hello Sue,
    I will “Think Pink.” Keeping the fires going on the homefront is the hardest job when you are separated from your better half. Hope Bob is safe at home tomorrow night. Take care of yourself and give my best to Kelly and Ryan.
    Much love,

  2. Debbie M. Says:

    Sue, Thanks for keeping the updates rolling when you are probably feeling majorly stressed. We check the blog about 5 times a day waiting for any news! Tell Bob all of his friends now have a “foot fetish” when thinking about him–that should get his blood pumping…

  3. Bob Cradit Says:

    Bob I’m glad to hear things are going so well you need to get home to your oreo’s. Thanks for all the up dates in what had to be a stressful week weekend iwould like to think pink but after reading what greg said you and pink togeather can not be imangined in my mind . as always you guys are in our prayers

  4. Bonnie Luttbeg Says:

    I still think you need to paint the toenails, a really nice pink would be nice, since they will be what everbody will be checking out when they come to visit you.

  5. Regina Stiehr Says:

    OK I hope you guys get some real good news today and & Bob gets sprung from the hospital. Someone needs to see if they can find him one of those t-shirts that say “real men wear pink”.
    Take care.

  6. Mary Beth Says:

    I am laughing out loud. Lots of PINK going on. I feel that if I comment on anything that is going thru my mind right now I will be putting my big foot in my big mouth. So no comments……just good thoughts and prayers….the sky in my world is pink today……get home soon. MB

  7. Jane Says:

    Bob -

    My thoughts are running along the same path as Boonie’s note above. I think you need to follow Sue’s trend and go have a pedicure since the toes will be the center of attention. Big Apple Red is the OPI color of choice! Maybe only girls will know what that means!

    So glad that you are on your way home - we’ll see you soon!

  8. Mary Ann Cutelli Says:

    All I want to know is if Sue has learned how to give the shots yet? I’m sure that many stories will evolve from that part of the adventure!! Hopefully your next blog message will be from home. Our prayers continue. Mary Ann

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