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Wednesday update. . .

Things are progressing rather fast, actually much too fast for me. Today I went and got a wheelchair for Bob. Last week I was making fun of the weed and “cripple sticker” and today he has a wheelchair. Now he just told me he wanted American flags put on it and baseball cards in the spokes, just like when he was a kid! He may be sick but he still has his sense of humor. (The fun part is that our 70 lb. dog is scared to death of anything that has wheels!!!!)

Doctor’s visit showed that he was very dehydrated, so they pumped him full of saline solution for an hour. He also has been having chills without a fever which is not a good sign. The doctor asked us to discuss what options he/we wanted for continuing care. This weekend Bob, Kelly and I are going to have the “talk” we have been putting off.

Our main objective now is to keep Bob out of pain as much as possible. The drugs make him sleepy, but then the pain is manageable so that’s a good thing. Please continue to comment on the blog, call or visit. He faithfully checks the blog when he’s awake.

I want to thank everyone who has commented on the blog, visited, called, offered and provided food/wine, help and prayers. It is very heart warming to know that so many good people care about us.

I’ll do another update in a few days.


20 Responses to “Wednesday update. . .”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    Sue, Bob, Kelly and Ryan.
    I know where you are right now though my experience was a little different the end result is saddly the same. My prayers are with all of you……spend time together and talk about everything……dont hold back because you all need to know each others thoughts, feelings, fears etc. Talking this through will be everything much easier and believe me you will be glad and have good memories because you did talk and share. We are all so human and we need to let the humaness out at this time. God bless you all through this terrible journey,,,,,,,,it is a true sign of your love for each other when you share. Love to all and I hope to see you on Sunday afternoon. I will call before I come Love Mary Beth

  2. Bob Parks Says:

    Bob keep up the fight, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Bob Parks

  3. kevin jordan Says:

    Bob and Sue,
    Keeping the good thoughts, almost hourly. We are with you my friends.

  4. Ellen Painter Says:

    Bob and Sure,
    Thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  5. Stephanie Schultz Says:

    Dear Bob and Sue,
    I am saddened by this latest entry on your blog, but want you to know that your love and courage and sense of humor in your updates are amazing and helpful to friends who think about you every day. Bob, the visual of you in your wheelchair with baseball cards in the spokes and American flags too is a good example of why I think of you always with a big smile on my face. I personally will never forget the memory of you in the “shrinking chair” at Shooters at the lake - one of the few times you had nothing to say to add to the hilariousness of the visual. Love, Stephanie

  6. Bonnie Luttbeg Says:

    Dear Bob & Sue, Kelly & Ryan
    Talking and tears are good for the soul, don’t leave anything unsaid. All my prayers are for you right now.
    PS: Steph is right about the “sinking” chair, one of my funniest memories of our trips to the lake.

  7. Bob Says:

    What you say means so much to us. It is so sad that yoy have gone through this as recently as you have. We are doing a lot of talking, not of just the good times we had, which there we many. We are trying go get things in order as much as possible.


  8. Bob Says:

    Bobby P.
    Another great voice from the past. Hearing words of encourgament from people I haven’t heard from, but definately have not forfotton about helps me every day. Believe it or not, I read all of comments that have been since day 1. You poeple are why my spirits are
    Keep the comments coming. I am getting pretty tired and may not be able to get back to all of you, but I love you all for what you are doing for me and my family/

  9. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    Dear Sue and Bob,
    Your grace and courage are an inspiration to us all. Brent and I are thinking of you both and sharing good memories all the time. And, yes, the sinking chair incident is one of our all time favorites. No one could have handled it better!
    Love and prayers,
    Mary Anne

  10. Regina Stiehr Says:

    Bob & Sue
    You are really showing tremendous strength..I’m amazed at your courage. It’s apparent you are supporting each other through this very difficult time. I’m thinking about you two often.

  11. Bob Schultz Says:


    You must be getting very tired of bad news.
    You are a much better human being than you ever were a golfer, but we all knew that before this began. We are all thinking about you.

  12. Terri Aprati Says:

    Man, Bob, you have touched so many lives. You have given all of us some great laughs and hilarious memories. I remember when you ran over a hornets’ nest at Lake of Egypt and had hornets under your shirt. Only you could make that awful experience funny!

    I do believe in reincarnation. I believe our souls live forever and we take on new bodies and make a deal with the universe to improve our souls in each of our lives. I also believe we come back and know the same people we knew previously, only in a different relationship. You can imagine how my boys were confused from their hearing my beliefs and then going to a Catholic school and later a Lutheran church! Oh well, I count numbers too.

    But, for all of the people on this blog who don’t believe in reincarnation, I think we should imagine Bob in heaven. What would heaven be like for Bob?

    I imagine him in a pool at a Ritz Hotel, bobbing in an inflated lounge chair in the water with bikini clad women around him. Anyone else?

    Love to all,


  13. Ginger Shaw Says:

    Bob and Sue,
    Your spirit, strength, and sense of humor are an inspiration to all those who have walked with you on this journey. You always put a smile on my face. My thoughts are with you daily.

  14. Bob Cradit Says:

    Bob, Sue and Kelly your strength and sense of humor are truly inspirational and uplifting not only to me but i’m sure to all who have met you my thoughts and prayers are with you all as always. You guys be sure to say everthing you need to each as you know that is one thing I did not get to do that with Dad. Bob ck your email!!! again you guys are in our prayers and thoughts minute by minute. Bob

  15. Greg Thomas Says:

    Bob you were best man at my wedding ( the first one! ). Bob you still are ‘the best man’.

  16. Barbara Monaco Says:

    MY thoughts and prayers are with you . My love goes out to all of you. Barbara

  17. Mary Ann Cutelli Says:

    Just a few additions to Bob’s heaven–the “office” would be available 24-7, with odds always in his favor, a buffet of desserts, and an unlimited supply of red, white and blue pants. We are always thinking of you, and our prayers continue. Tony and Mary Ann

  18. Pat Hornburg Says:

    Bob and Sue

    Everytime I read your entries I am amazed at your courage and strength.
    Bob you continue to make me laugh out loud every day. You know we celebrate quantity - things like 50th anniversaries, 80th birthdays - but its really quality that is important and I think everyone can see you have had that quality in your life. The great thing about quality is that you get to celebrate it everyday not just one day. Keep on “celebrating” My prayers and thoughts are with you. Lots of love Pat

  19. Sheryl Says:

    You’ve always made me smile. Baseball cards in the spokes are nothing compared to the world champion bridge and pinnochle tournaments we used to have (You and Rick did always cheat!!!). I can’t even begin to list all the good times Rick and I have had with you and Sue. What an impact you’ve had on our lives.
    Love you always,

  20. Karen Parsons (Spillman) Says:

    Hi you guys!
    It’s time to say ” I love you, man!” Bob, what an incredible effort you have given this process; filling it with humor and the biggest dose of hope and faith I’ve seen in a long time. This blog is short of miraculous. Every day I think of you, Bob. Every day I think of you, Sue. and………..I bet those termites wish they’d moved into someone else’s house :-)
    You guys are wonderful. My prayers are constant for your peace.

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