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Weekend update. . .

Does anyone remember the old Saturday Night Live routine “the weekend update with Chevy Chase”? I just remember the Count/Counterpoint with Dan Akryod and Jane Curtain. . .Jane you ignorant sl–!!! (Kelly and Ryan got Bob the DVD of 1st season of SNL and its truly a riot!)

Anyway, the Valentines and Stephensons had a pretty good Saturday. We talked about a lot of issues, wants, don’t wants, cried a little and even laughed a little. Bob went on an outing with Kelly and Ryan to Dairy Queen. It appeared that both the Munchie man and the “baby” needed ice cream! Now, Bob would like to have a motorized scooter instead of the wheelchair, but I told him he needed to master the manual one before he gets a motor! Max would never recover!

On a serious note, we decided that we will use in-home Hospice for Bob’s continuing care. Many pros and cons for both Hospice and hospital, but we feel Bob will be much more comfortable at home with his big screen and his recliner. I hope it will make it easier for friends and relatives to visit also. We also talked about the step after hospice but that’s too new and raw for me to discuss right now. Just know that we are going to be doing what Bob wants. If you aren’t familiar with hospice, and I hope you aren’t, there are many good web sites available. One I found very helpful is

He goes to the doctor on Wednesday and I hope he gets more hydration. That has seemed to really help his alertness. He has also decided that being macho man and toughing out the pain is stupid, so we are giving him the max pain relief he can have. As Bob said, getting hooked on pain killers is probably the least of his worries.

Thanks for all the caring you are providing us. I’ll update more after the doctor’s visit.


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  1. Sue Says:

    This is from my blogged challenged friend in Denver Karen Parsons (Spillman) Hopefully she will be able to respond directly next time.

    I’ve thought about you all weekend, Bob. Your continued sense of humor (no surprise), your resolve, your attitude and continuance with the blog are all indicative of the super-man that you are. My thoughts and prayers continue to include you and my wish for every moment of joy that you have to be your best to that moment! It was a beautiful robin’s egg blue sky day in Colorado today. I hope you have a blue sky day tomorrow! You stay out of trouble rolling around in that chair! Don’t traumatize the dog too much :-)
    Take care,
    p.s. I tried to comment on the blog site and apparently have forgotten how to see everyone’s recent comments and to add one to the blog. There has to be at least one dummy in each crowd…………yea, me!!! If this reply did it, great. Tell me how to access the most recent pages……of replies. Thanks.

  2. Karen Parsons (Spillman) Says:

    Thanks for bailing me out Sue. You’ve always been good at that…for me. Awaiting Wed. news. Hugs, Bob!

  3. kevin jordan Says:

    All is covered in KC. Plenty of folks to keep the good thoughts and prayers on this end. No worries Mate. I always thought DQ and Hydracadone was a great mix.
    Much love and admiration from Kevin

  4. Dianne Moulin Says:

    Mike and I thought of your family on Saturday. I am glad it was a good day and that you all worked out some issues. This cannot be an easy thing to do but you are all so close and thats a really good thing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in these really hard times.
    Love, Dianne and Mike

  5. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    Dear Sue and Bob,
    I am glad that you were all together last weekend and made all of those hard choices as a family. Having each other will add to your peace of mind and give you all strength as you walk this journey together.
    Ice cream is a sure way to make a person feel better and DQ is my absolute favorite so we will bring some along when we visit!
    As always, we are thinking about you all.
    Mary Anne

  6. Bonnie Luttbeg Says:

    Pat Hornburg always used milk shakes as her remedy for hangovers, so take the pain pills and then some ice cream, if you find an ice cream that tastes like the old Velvet Freeze swiss chocolate, Mike would appreciate knowing about it. Be careful of DUI’s while on the wheelcahir. Love to all.
    P.S. what kind of dog do you have?

  7. Bob Cradit Says:

    So glad you guys got to talk, laugh and cry as a family ( hope that doesn’t sound wierd) you may not see it know but you will be thankful one of these days. I actually sort of remember watching SNL on the same stuff your on, it actually made it funnier,but that was` high school. anyway here’s looking forward to a good doctor’s visit. as always you guys are in my thoughts and prayers daily. ps didn’t you drive the nissan in a jim kona race. we could get some orange cones and put a motor on that thing and see if you still got it. take care love ya Bob

  8. Alan Stephenson Says:

    Hi Bob & Sue –

    After visiting with Ryan & Kelly after they left you on Saturday, I meant to phone you to see how things were going, but with trying to prepare for a meeting in Chicago that I am leaving for today, I just let it go. Im sorry for that. I will try to phone while I am in Chicago because it always seems that most of the work required for an out-of-town meeting comes before you go “out-of-town”!
    What is it with the ice cream anyway? When Nancy couldn’t stand cold things because of the form of chemo she was on (when she was first treated for her cancer), all she wanted was ice cream. Now that her chemo doesn’t make her so sensitive to the cold, she can’t seem to get enough of ice cream. I guess maybe she is afraid that as long as she can enjoy ice cream, she might as well get all she wants.
    I hope all goes well with the doctor today and, as I said, I will call from Chicago to get an update.

  9. Mary Ann Cutelli Says:

    We enjoyed our visit yesterday, and hope that your doctor visit today went smoothly. Tony said he got a brief lesson on the art of poker playing, and we both feel priviledged to have met Max’s imaginary friend “tinkerbell”. Let us know what you need, and stay strong.
    Tony and Mary Ann

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