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How time flies. . .

Well another week has come and gone so this is my “weekend update”.  Friday started off with Bob playing vampire.  He got 2 units of blood which takes a long time (4 hours).  He slept through most of it and I ran errands, walked some dogs at the shelter and visited our friends the Valles.  I really expected miracles from the transfusion and I haven’t gotten them.  Not a lot of energy but a little better than before and in longer stretches.

We had several great groups of company thruout the week and over the weekend, friends and relatives from far and wide.  I would like to thank everyone who visited, especially those who live on the other side of the state and are making or have made trips just to see us.  The visits really do make a difference in Bob’s attitude and general well being.  He seems to “perk up” and rise to the occasion whenever  there is someone besides me to talk to.  Maybe its me, could I be the drag? nah can’t be!  I also totally enjoy the company.  So I want you to come and visit as much as Bob does.

 The boy is not eating much at all and is really tired of me asking him what he wants to drink.  It has become quite the guessing game, you never  know what will work.  I bought some Hawaiian Punch popcicles and he ate 2 of them today.  I figure its sugar and water, can’t hurt. 

 This blog has been great.   Since I know everyone who comments, it never occured to me how comments are preceived by others.  I think cyber friendships are being formed.  For example, Sharon (in KC) really wants to meet Mary Beth, Sharon feels like she already knows her.  Mary Anne thinks Teri has the right idea and wants to be hooked up with her.  (Now in fairness, Mary Anne always likes anything to do with champagne).  It really doesn’t surprise me, because I know and love all of you and I wouldn’t have friends who were not good people.

Hospice should be set up tomorrow.  I was told it takes a couple of hours to evaluate everything.  Probably won’t be a fun day, but we believe its necessary and unfortuately timely.  I’ll post something when I know details.

That’s all from here.  Have a good week and stay safe.


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  1. Chuck Says:

    Whether time flies, runs or walks, —– the more the better…

    It was good to see Bob helping Ryan with some great looking steaks on the grille yesterday and hopefully he ate his share.. Although the meeting with Hospice today will be hard, they are very good and will provide ideas and assistance to make day to day activities easier for both of you… We are always on call and love you both!!!!!!!!!


  2. Mary Anne Fletcher Says:

    Dear Sue and Bob,
    Our visit yesterday may have been good for Bob but it was even better for us. He may be getting weaker but he can still give me a hug and sit on the front porch with Brent and have a cigarette. We know what the reality is but it sure is nice just to sit and talk. I loved meeting Max and getting to know your wonderful son-in-law, Ryan. And Kelly is positively glowing…how nice to have a new baby to focus on right now.
    Ad so, old fourth grade friend, we will see you again soon. Thinking of you today.
    Mary Anne

  3. Bonnie Luttbeg Says:

    I remember when my dad was under the care of hospice and asked for a beer and my mom wasn’t sure that was the right thing for him to have, the nurse said to give him anything he might want, so popcicles aren’t any problem, the more the better! Hang in there, love & prayers. Bonnie

  4. Bob Cradit Says:

    Bob , Sue I hope our visit saturday was as good for you as it was for me, hope we didn’t wear you out to much. the conversation was great and enjoyable but my favorite was the hug and kiss on my bald head thank you so much I’ll always remember that. take care be easy on Sue. Sue watch out ny daughter told me hospice will basically give him what he wants now I’ve known the boy for awhile that could get to be scary. Until I see you next time take care remember you have our love and prayers Bob

  5. Bob Tremaine Says:

    Bobby, Greg and I tried to see you a few weeks ago but we never got your address. I hope your enjoying your POPS they taste great.
    I sure wish we could of connected so we could of talked about old times. I am sure we will meet in the future and, ok.
    I am thinking of you my friend. Stay strong and my toughts are with you and your family.
    God Bless
    Bob Tremaine

  6. Bob Tremaine Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
    God Bless
    Bob Tremaine

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