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Hospice and termites. . .

Hospice and termites, who could ask for anything more???

This is my diary of Monday and Tuesday and my
To-Do list for the rest of the week!

Monday a.m.
Hospice intake nurse (Erin) came and spent several hours, made many notes and really got the ball rolling.
Monday p.m.
Hospital bed, walker, another wheelchair, port-a-potty, oxygen (tanks and non-portable) were all delivered and set up with the help of Chuck. New medicines were ordered and received. Bought new sheets and a baby monitor.

Monday late p.m., Tuesday early a.m.
Bob took the new medicine (morphine) and slept for 6 hours straight. In fact, I had to wake him up to give him his 9 a.m shot. This is really a good thing, he has not been sleeping for longer than 2 hours at a time because of the foot pain. No wake up = no pain!

Tuesday a.m.
Swarm of termites took up residence in my entry way. Actually swarming and taking up residence are opposites. They swarmed, Chuck and I sprayed Raid and vacuumed them up.

Tuesday p.m.
Nurse Kelly came, more questions, checked out Bob’s foot, re-bandaged it. Nurse Kelly will come on Tuesdays and Fridays for the time being. We are going to watch Bob’s new drugs very carefully, because right now he is in no pain, but he can’t focus his eyes, can’t complete a sentence and just wants to sleep. Five minutes after the nurse left, Bob wanted a cigarette so he took his walker to go outside on the front porch and fell. (see the above sentence about not focusing!) It is also reason #985 to quit smoking! I knew cars and boats were problems for him but walkers???? No major damage to Bob but I lost about 4 years!

A.M Doctor’s appointment
P.M. Hospice Social Worker (Toni)
P.M. Exterminators

A.M. Dentist - Sue
P.M. Hospice Chaplain (Howard)

P.M. Hospice Nurse Kelly

And people say retirement is boring, HA!

I hope you never have to use Hospice and my experience is only 2 days old, but I have to say they are efficient and quick. It appears to be a well run organization. Different departments actually communicate with one another and they do what they say.

I know this was long, sorry, but the blog is a good outlet for me too.

Take care,


6 Responses to “Hospice and termites. . .”

  1. Debbie M. Says:

    Sue and Bob,

    I’m sorry you have to blaze this trail for the rest of us, but your experience with hospice will educate us all. I’ve heard about the efficiency of hospice before–seems like they might have some useful models for the rest of the medical profession! Al and I are in San Francisco, coming back home tomorrow night assuming the seats are available–we are using Mich’s standby tickets. I’m at the hotel business center checking my email and your blog–you are always on our minds! Good luck with the damnable termites and the dentist…talk to you soon.


  2. Dianne Moulin Says:

    Sounds like you are very busy, that may be a good thing at this time. I am happy to hear that hospice is starting out as a good experience; obviously they know what they are doing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    Dianne and Mike

  3. Jane Says:

    On a lighter note, I would have liked to see you and Chuck battle the swarming termites! Chuck’s story was somewhat amusing about the episode. However, glad that you “got” them and that the temite guy is coming today to really take care of them!

    Your schedule today sounds very challenging so we’ll talk later. Take care and we’re always thinking of you both.


  4. Chuck Says:

    Ah yes, I have already ordered my “Men in Black” equipment and will be better prepared for my next visit - “encounter”… We were very lucky this time to have fended off the evil swarming beasties… Bob seemed almost amused at the 3 ring circus playing out before him but then he does have a warped sense of humor anyway (what makes him special), ha, ha, ha….

    Gearing Up —– Chuck

  5. Sheryl Says:

    “Encounters of the termite kind” sounds like a good name for a book or movie. That is a picture that will stay with me all day.
    On a more serious note, hospice is a wonderful organization (although I’m always sorry anyone has to use them). I’ve seen how much they have helped several friends in the last few years and am glad they are available to you.
    I would need more of an outlet than this blog like going out on the back porch (sorry, meant to say “lanai”) and screaming.
    I guess this dentist appt is to get your new teeth because you’ve been gnashing the old ones.
    Glad Bob is sleeping some–he never has done much of that.

    Love you both,

  6. Barbara Monaco Says:

    sue , I have heard nothing but good things about the hospice people. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, Love, Baarbara

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