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Miss Skippyhawk

I don’t know if anyone still looks at this blog, but just in case you do. . . . Bob’s grandchild-to-be is a girl. Her name will be Charlotte Anne Stephenson and her anticipated birthday is on or around November 5, 2007. A lot is riding on Charlotte. Her birth will bring something positive into 2007 for a lot of people. Unfortunately she will probably come into this world without 2 grandparents. Bob we know is watching from above (hopefully) and Nancy is struggling to hang on. She is losing her fight with colon cancer. This little baby is truly loved and will have many angels watching over her.

Bob said he wanted to be reincarnated into Kelly and Ryan’s baby. I don’t know how this will work with a girl, but it should be interesting. I always figured the genetics itself will be enough of a challenge for Kelly without the extra added reincarnation thing.

I miss him everyday. I just want to talk to him and tell him what’s going on in our lives.

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  1. Stephanie Schultz Says:

    The above posting has to be from you, right? I love the name Charlotte Anne. So true the blessing she will be for everyone who loved Bob and misses him, especially you and Kelly and Ryan and the rest of your family.

    Love, Steph

  2. Bonnie Luttbeg Says:

    Sue, good to hear from you and with good news about the baby, you’ll have fun shopping for this little one. I think of Bob & Hank quite often, I wonder what they’re doing as I know they are together, where ever that may be.

  3. Alan Stephenson Says:

    Sue — I am glad that you decided to post another entry into the blog you and Bob worked on so that we could share the final happy and sad moments you two had together. I am sure that when the time comes, Bob and Nancy will be sharing the moments you and I spend with Charlotte Anne. Although Charlotte Anne won’t know Bob and Nancy like only we could, she will have two very special guardian angels to watch two very loving grandparents help Kelly and Ryan raise her.

  4. Greg Thomas Says:

    Sue there isn’t enough wine to wash away what you’re feeling although I would be glad to share some with you. I’ve had many days where I can’t get the loss of Bob off my mind. Sounds like you need to get out for a few hours. I’d be glad to meet you somewhere ( Ameristar or someplace with decent wine ). I also attend several wine tastings and you’re now invited. Give me a ring ( 314-614-0866 ) and let me know. We are having a party on Saturday the 20th ( mostly family but many of them knew Bob from the early days ) and we’d love to have you attend. I promise good food and, of course, good wine. The grandchild excitement is great! We have another arriving in April.

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