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would be 35 years

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Again I don’t know if any one is reading this blog, but today would be our 35th wedding anniversary. I’m having myself a “pity party”. I’ve drank too much wine and have read all the entries of Bob’s blog. So many people wrote so many wonderful notes, its hard to believe Bob has been gone for 5 months. I miss all the notes and all the kind thoughts. I miss Bob.

Today I got roses delivered with a note that says “Dad loves you and so do I, Love Kelly” I didn’t know that Bob had asked Kelly to send me roses on our anniversary. According to Kelly, he asked her to do it in March. I guess he knew he wouldn’t be here in September.

People ask how I’m doing and I say fine, but the truth is “not so much” Its so lonely, there is no one to talk to,(Max, the dog, does not understand). Its overwhelming and all consuming. All of you who have someone to share your life, do not take it for granted. Just imagine not having someone to say “good night” to or “good morning” or having someone touch you. Very simple things that mean so much. It may sound trite but, treasure each hug, each conversation however mundane.
I will eventually get over my pity party and move on. Its just going to take some time.

I promise the next entry will be happy. . . . hopefully announcing the birth of my granddaughter.